Green Links


The Importance of Clean Air Education


Saving water, saving money, saving the earth


Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information


Home  Composting - Submitted by Kari Evens who teaches at Odessa College in Texas.


The Impact of Plastic Bottles on the Environment


Farming - The Impact of our consumption


The Solar Alliance Educating visitors and providing them with opportunities to get involved with solar.


Save money recycling Link submitted by Ms. Chapman's group in Brenham Community Center in Texas


ConsumerAffairs Solar Energy Guide : Compare Reviews and Features


Simple Ways to Protect Our Earth: Kids’ Edition


Energy Conservation for Kids


Energy Savers Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home


Kids Guide to Home Energy Saving


Protecting & Restoring Forests


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Guide to Composting at Home


Going Green: Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades


Quit Smoking Blog


Drought tolerant landscaping




The following links were researched and suggested by Mrs. McVey's students. All links were tested by the class. These links are great resources for information on how to make the planet a better place.

Thanks Mrs. McVey and students.


Environmental Library: Endangered Animals


Recycle Works - Kids


The Water Page


Energy Kids


Earth Easy Environmental Website for Kids


Recycling Electronics


Black Warrior Riverkeepers


Appliance Recycling Guide


Mother Earth News


Alabama Department of Environmental Management


American Solar Energy Society


Alabama Environmental Council