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Readers may recycle newspapers at Daily Mountain Eagle




In an effort to provide an additional service to the community, the Daily Mountain Eagle is expanding its recycling efforts to now allow area citizens to recycle newspapers and magazines on its property.


Eagle Publisher James Phillips said he had recently been approached by a number of Walker County residents concerning recycling their old newspapers.


“Before coming on board as publisher on April 21, I had received a few texts and messages on social media, asking if there was any way the Daily Mountain Eagle could take the lead in an effort to recycle newspapers,” Phillips said. “Once getting on the job, I quickly realized the Eagle was doing its part to recycle, and we could expand those efforts by allowing the community to participate.”


For several years, the Daily Mountain Eagle has used recycled newsprint in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Over the past year, the newspaper has recycled 100 percent of its newsprint waste.


“When the paper began recycling its newsprint waste, it did receive a small amount of money for those efforts, which was used to help fund our Newspapers in Education program that provides papers to area schools,” Phillips said. “In recent months, the demand and prices for recycled material, including paper, have dropped, so we no longer receive any funds for our recycled paper. Despite that fact, we wanted to increase our recycling efforts by allowing the community to bring their newspapers and magazines.”


Phillips said only newspapers and magazines are allowed in the recycling bins, which are located in the back of the Daily Mountain Eagle parking lot.


The newspaper recycling efforts of area citizens may begin immediately.


“We thank our readers for their continued support, and this is one way that we can give back to our community and its citizens, giving them a place to return their old newspapers and magazines,” Phillips added.


For more information on the recycling effort, contact Phillips at 205-221-2840.

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